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The Collection Program in Schools

Bishop, K. (2013). The Collection Program in Schools: Concepts and Practices (5th ed.). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. ISBN: 978-1-61069-021-8

Publisher's Description
This practical text provides all the information and direction beginning school librarians need to develop and manage multiformat collections.

With the myriad number of print and electronic materials now available for school libraries, librarians need to know how to select the right materials for their libraries, and how to maintain, evaluate, circulate, and promote their collections. The Collection Program in Schools: Concepts and Practices, Fifth Edition is a one-stop resource that thoroughly overviews the policies and procedures for timely and effective collection development for school libraries.

The work is organized by chapters that explain the various tasks involved in effective collection development for school libraries. No other text includes a listing of the advantages, disadvantages, and copyright concerns of various formats. This introductory text also provides guidance on how to write policy and procedure manuals for school libraries; addresses concerns that impact collection development, such as ethical and fiscal issues, the curriculum, the school library environment, and special groups of students; and includes several figures and tables relating to these topics.

  • Additional readings of current articles and helpful websites at the end of each chapter
  • An appendix containing a comprehensive listing of annotated resources
  • Sample forms for collection development policies and procedures
  • Provides comprehensive information on selecting, maintaining, and evaluating all formats of materials for school libraries
  • Addresses key issues and topics that impact collection development for school libraries
  • Supplies guidance on writing policies and procedures for all facets of school library collection development

Table of Contents

Authors’ Comments
Chapter 1: The Collection
Chapter 2: Collection Development
Chapter 3: Community Analysis and Needs Assessment
Chapter 4: The School Library Program
Chapter 5: Policies and Procedures
Chapter 6: Selection
Chapter 7: General Selection Criteria
Chapter 8: Criteria by Format
Chapter 9: Acquisitions and Processing
Chapter 10: Maintenance and Preservation
Chapter 11: Circulation and Promotion of the Collection
Chapter 12: Evaluation of the Collection
Chapter 13: Ethical Issues and the Collection
Chapter 14: The Curriculum
Chapter 15: Special Groups of Students
Chapter 16: Fiscal Issues Relating to the Collection
Chapter 17: Facilities, Digital Resources, and the Learning Environment
Chapter 18: Opening, Moving, or Closing the Collection
Appendix: Resources