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Positive Classroom

Bishop, K., & Cahall, J. (2012). Positive Classroom Management Skills for School Librarians. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. ISBN: 978-1-59884-986-8

Publisher's Description
Some students are more “challenging” than most. This book helps school librarians prevent, deal with, and overcome discipline problems they may face when communicating with K–12 students.

Positive Classroom Management Skills for School Librarians is a rich, highly needed collection of strategies and methods for building and maintaining a positive learning environment in the library classroom. Appropriate for both pre-service and practicing school librarians at all grade levels, this book provides suggested techniques and examples of best practices for managing students in a school library. This invaluable information has been obtained from observations of school librarians and from discussions with pre-service students, and based upon coauthor Kay Bishop's 20 years of experience as a school librarian in various library settings.

Specific topics covered include establishing positive relationships between students and school librarians; characteristics of students in different grade levels; techniques that librarians can use for effectively managing students in the school library; ways to relate with diverse students, including students with special needs; managing students as they utilize technology in library settings; and designing a school library environment to avoid potential discipline problems.

  • Index provides easy access to information about specific topics and groups of students
  • Discusses strategies for establishing positive librarian-student relationships
  • Provides specific, practical techniques for managing students in school library settings
  • Includes useful forms, summaries, and scenarios for discussion
  • Covers characteristics of lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school students in relation to effective, age-appropriate techniques

Table of Contents
List of Figures
Chapter 1: Positive School Librarian–Student Relationships
Chapter 2: Lower Elementary Students
Chapter 3: Upper Elementary Students
Chapter 4: Middle School Students
Chapter 5: High School Students
Chapter 6: Students from Diverse Backgrounds
Chapter 7: Technology
Chapter 8: Library Design and Environment
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