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Storytelling: Art and Technique

Greene, E., & Del Negro, J. M. (2010). Storytelling: Art and Technique (4th ed.). Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.
ISBN: 978-1-59158-600-5

Publisher's Description
Thoroughly revised and updated, the fourth edition of the classic Storytelling: Art and Technique is an essential guide for beginning and experienced storytellers alike.

Ten years ago, Book Report called the third edition of Storytelling: Art and Technique, "invaluable ... a volume no librarian will want to be without." This fourth edition of the classic storytelling “how to” is even better—with 30 percent new material, additional chapters, new stories, and updated bibliographies.

This edition provides both a history of storytelling in libraries and accessible instruction for bringing storytelling to contemporary listeners. It details the selection, preparation, and presentation of stories, as well as planning and administration of a storytelling program. Full texts of 13 stories for various ages and occasions are included, as is an extensive list of resources. Bonus essays offer a fascinating international perspective through a survey of storytelling in Ireland and the British Isles and a look at storytelling in contemporary China. Complete with everything one needs to know to launch a successful storytelling program, this is the perfect book for librarians, teachers, parents—and professional storytellers, too.

  • Includes complete texts of 13 stories with source, culture, telling time, audience, and a comment for each
  • Examples of a cue card, movement warm-ups for storytellers, a seating arrangement for a storytime, a storyboard, publicity posters, and more
  • Offers resources for the storyteller, including professional books and articles, websites, storytelling books by genre, stories to tell to different age groups, read-alouds, and recordings
  • Presents an overview of storytelling in libraries in the United States from its beginnings in the late 19th century to the present day
  • Details how to select and present stories and how to program and administrate a successful storytelling program
  • Includes an international perspective, with essays about storytelling in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and in China
  • Offers the full text of 13 stories, ranging from the well-loved nursery tale, “The Gingerbread Man,” to “Rubies,” a story of seduction, betrayal, ghosts, and vengeance for teenagers, to “The Legend of the Christmas Rose” for family sharing

Table of Contents

For Story’s Sake: Reading as Its Own Reward


Chapter 1: Storytelling: A Historical Perspective
Chapter 2: Storytelling to Children in Libraries
Chapter 3: Purpose and Values of Storytelling
Chapter 4: Selection
Chapter 5: Preparation
Chapter 6: Presentation
Chapter 7: Storytelling to Children with Special Needs; Storytelling in Special Settings
Chapter 8: Storytelling to Young Children
Chapter 9: Storytelling to Young Adults
Chapter 10: Children and Young Adults as Storytellers
Chapter 11: Program Planning
Chapter 12: Administration of the Storytelling Program and In-Service Education


Storytelling in Libraries and Schools in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
How Do You Say “Storytelling” in Chinese?


The Gingerbread Man
Perez and Martina: A Puerto Rican Folktale
The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling
The Dancing Granny
Ananse the Spider in Search of a Fool
Jack and the Two-Bullet Hunt
Willa and the Wind
More Than Salt
Ling-Li and the Phoenix Fairy: A Chinese Folktale
The White Horse Girl and the Blue Wind Boy
The Vision in the Wood
The Legend of the Christmas Rose


Professional Reading
Bibliographies, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, and Indexes
Books About Stories and Storytelling
Resources for Fingerplays, Action Rhymes, Flannel Board Storytelling, Storytelling Activities, Participation Tales, Reader’s Theatre and Story Theatre
Magazines About Folktales, Myths, and Storytelling
Web Sources
Folktales, Literary Tales, Poetry, and Song
Folktales: Collections
Folktales: Picture Books
Tall Tales
Heroes and Heroines, Myths and Legends
Literary Tales: Collections
Literary Tales: Picture Books
Poetry and Song
Stories of Special Appeal
Stories for Three- to Five-Year-Olds
Stories for Five- to Eight-Year-Olds
Stories for Eight- to Eleven-Year-Olds
Stories for Eleven- to Fifteen-Year-Olds
Stories for a Mixed-Age Group
Stories for the Family Evening Storytelling Program
Read-Alouds: 100 Personal Favorites
A Sampling of Storytelling Recordings

Copyright Acknowledgments
For Story’s Sake: Reading as Its Own Reward