Monday, April 6, 2015

Emergency Preparedness

Kaaland, C. (2015). Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery in School Libraries: Creating a Safe Haven. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. ISBN: 978-1-61069-729-3

Publisher's Description
When disaster strikes, school librarians can play a key role in keeping kids safe. This is the only book written specifically to provide school librarians with emergency preparedness and recovery tools as well as curricular tie-ins.

No school is immune to disaster, whether in the form of a natural event like a tornado or a tragedy like the violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The key to minimizing injury or death in an emergency is preparedness—something the school librarian is uniquely positioned to lead. This must-have book will show you how to be proactive in getting your school ready for the worst. It provides comprehensive preparedness and recovery plans, check lists, and curricular recommendations on preparedness that can be tailored to your individual library and community.

Covering natural disasters, human-made disasters, and school violence, the book shows you how to conduct drills, assess vulnerabilities and risk, communicate preparedness plans, and use bibliotherapy for disaster recovery. It also describes how your library can be a safe haven for students who feel disconnected, bullied, or otherwise disenfranchised. Although the book is primarily intended for school librarians, classroom teachers will also find many ideas here for helping students be better prepared for disasters, whatever their cause or severity.

  • Covers the impact of recent natural disasters on schools and addresses the changing landscape with regard to school violence
  • Provides a guide to school emergency planning and ways in which school librarians can take the lead in making it a reality
  • Features checklists, reproducible role-playing scenarios, and other aids for creating an emergency preparedness plan
  • Lists equipment and resources the school library can provide during disasters
  • Suggests curricular tie-ins and books you can use to work with students before and after a disaster or violent incident

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Leadership During Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery
Chapter 2: Natural Disasters
Chapter 3: Human-Caused Disasters
Chapter 4: Communication
Chapter 5: Risk Assessment and Threats of School Violence
Chapter 6: Vulnerability Assessment for the School Library and Beyond
Chapter 7: Drill, Drill, Drill
Chapter 8: Emergency Planning, Emergency Kits
Chapter 9: Recovery
Chapter 10: Books That Heal, Books That Help
Chapter 11: Summary: The Library as Safe Haven
Appendix A
Appendix B: Sample Emergency Preparedness and Recovery Lesson Plans