Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Diversity Programming for Digital Youth (book)

Naidoo, Jamie Campbell. (2014). Diversity Programming for Digital Youth: Promoting Cultural Competence in the Children's Library. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Today's children live in a culturally diverse and constantly changing digital world. New digital media is created every day but librarians and other educators need help in evaluating cultural content in digital apps, determining whether they send appropriate social messages to children, and learning how to use them in library programs that promote cultural competence. Diversity Programming for Digital Youth: Promoting Cultural Competence in the Children's Library provides just the help that is needed.

This resource is the only one to examine the role of culturally diverse digital media and how it can be used with children's books to promote cultural competence in the library. It provides annotated lists of digital media paired with culturally diverse literature to offer librarians and educators a springboard for creating enriching, engaging, and culturally relevant programs for children from diverse backgrounds. The sample digital storytime programs celebrating diverse cultures will benefit busy librarians looking for ways to engage reluctant readers in library storytimes.

·         Provides specific evaluation criteria for selecting high-quality new digital media with cultural content
·         Offers outlines for digital storytime programs that combine new digital media with children's literature representing diverse cultures
·         Presents examples of successful cultural literacy programs for children and families
·         Describes how librarians can promote cultural competence in children via new digital media and match digital apps with multicultural children's literature for use in library programming
·         Includes interviews with successful children's librarians engaged in cultural literacy programs and digital storytimes

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