Monday, March 30, 2015

Think Tank Library Grades K-5

Boyd Ratzer, M., & Jaeger, P. (2015). Think Tank Library: Brain-Based Learning Plans for New Standards, Grades K-5. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. ISBN: 978-1-61069-990-7

Publisher's Description
Transform your library into a "think tank" by helping teachers create an active learning environment in which students question, investigate, synthesize, conclude, and present information based on Common Core standards.

The rigors of today's mandated academic standards can repurpose your library's role as a steward of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) at your school. This guide will help you help teachers present exciting, field-tested lessons for elementary grades K through 5, addressing developmental steps and individual differences in key competencies in the CCSS. Authors and educators Mary Ratzer and Paige Jaeger illustrate how brain-based learning helps students become deep, critical thinkers and provide the lesson plans to coax the best thinking out of each child.

This tool book presents strategies to help learners progress from novice to expert thinker; challenge younger students with questions that lead to inquiry; incorporate "rigor" into lessons; and use model lesson plans to change instruction. Beginning chapters introduce the basics of instruction and provide ideas for expert cognitive growth of the brain. Sample lessons are aligned with key curriculum areas, including science, social studies, music, art, and physical education. 

  • Includes relevant, rigorous, fun, and field-tested lesson plans for multiple disciplines
  • Provides reproducible pages to allow librarians and teachers to easily use a lesson
  • Offers a K–5 scaffolding approach to teaching information literacy skills
  • Features graphical illustrations and practical schemas that explain, illustrate, and model how brain-based learning works

Table of Contents: 

Introduction: Why Thinking?
Chapter 1: Thinking and the Culture of Your School
Chapter 2: 22 Ideas for Turning Your Library Into a Think Tank
Chapter 3: Think Tank Libraries and Inquiry
Chapter 4: Thinking and the Common Core
Chapter 5: Wanted: Expert Thinkers
Chapter 6: If the Brain Could Talk
Chapter 7: Thinking and Information Literacy
Chapter 8: Thinking in ELA
Chapter 9: Thinking and Text Dependent Questions
Chapter 10: Thinking in Social Studies
Chapter 11: Thinking in Math
Chapter 12: Thinking in Science
Chapter 13: Think Tank Lessons
Chapter 14: The Primary Learning Years
Chapter 15: Primary K-2 Library and Classroom Lessons
Chapter 16: The Elementary Discovery Grades (3-5) Library and Classroom Lessons
Chapter 17: Think Tank Starter Kits: Lesson Building Block Ideas