Monday, March 30, 2015

The Common Core Approach to Building Literacy in Boys

Knowles, L., & Smith, M. (2014). The Common Core Approach to Building Literacy in Boys. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited. ISBN: 978-1-61069-653-7

Publisher's Description
Written with a focus on the English Language Arts Common Core Standards, this book provides a complete plan for developing a literacy program that focuses on boys pre-K through grade 12.

Despite the fact that reading and literacy among boys has been an area of concern for years, this issue remains unresolved today. Additionally, the emphasis and focus have changed due to the implementation of the English Language Arts Common Core Standards. How can educators best encourage male students to read, and what new technologies and techniques can serve this objective? The Common Core Approach to Building Literacy in Boys is an essential resource and reference for teachers, librarians, and parents seeking to encourage reading in boys from preschool to 12th grade.

Providing a wide array of useful, up-to-date information that emphasizes the English Language Arts Common Core Standards, the bibliographies and descriptions of effective strategies in this book will enable you to boost reading interest and performance in boys. The chapters cover 16 different topics of interest to boys, all accompanied by a complete bibliography for each subject area, discussion questions, writing connections, and annotated new and classic nonfiction titles. Information on specific magazines, annotated professional titles, books made into film, websites, and apps that will help you get boys interested in reading is also included.

  • Examines and evaluates the most recent research about boys and nonfiction reading
  • Addresses the intersections of Common Core Standards and literacy for boys
  • Provides annotated bibliographies of recommended books as well as lists of apps and other software for boys
  • Offers educators effective strategies to promote reading with boys and advice for parents in developing a home reading plan for their sons

Table of Contents 
Boys and Literacy: The Research
Common Core English Language Arts: The Research
Read Like a Detective and Write Like a Journalist
Strategies for Change
Chapter 1: Action and Adventure
Chapter 2: Art and Music
Chapter 3: Comics and Graphic Novels
Chapter 4: Exceptionalities
Chapter 5: Explorations and Journeys
Chapter 6: Fantasy and Science Fiction
Chapter 7: History and Historical Fiction
Chapter 8: Humor and Poetry
Chapter 9: LGBT
Chapter 10: Math and Numbers
Chapter 11: Mechanics and Technology
Chapter 12: Nature, Environment, and Animals
Chapter 13: Realistic Fiction and Social Issues
Chapter 14: Science and Space
Chapter 15: Sports
Chapter 16: Thriller and Mystery
Appendix A: Apps
Appendix B: Authors -- Just for Boys
Appendix C: Books Made into Films
Appendix D: Magazines -- Just for Boys
Appendix E: Web Sites
Appendix F: Annotated Professional Resources
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