Wednesday, March 25, 2015

RDA Made Simple: A Practical Guide to the New Cataloging Rules

Hart, Amy. RDA Made Simple: A Practical Guide to the New Cataloging Rules. Libraries Unlimited, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-61069-485-8.

This all-in-one guide to RDA keeps it simple and provides practical advice in applying the standard. It covers planning and training considerations, presents relevant FRBR and FRAD background, and offers practical, step-by-step cataloging advice for a variety of material formats.

Table of Contents
Introduction: RDA Made Simple
Chapter 1: RDA History to 2008
Chapter 2: RDA HIstory 2008alt-1-5-0
Chapter 3: Planning for RDA
Chapter 4: Implementation Issues
Chapter 5: FRBR, FRAD, and RDA
Chapter 6: RDA's Introductory Chapter
Chapter 7: Navigating RDA
Chapter 8: Tips for Using RDA
Chapter 9: The "RDA Into MARC" Workflow: An Overview
Chapter 10: RDA Section 1: Manifestations and Items
Chapter 11: RDA Section 2: Naming Works and Expressions
Chapter 12: Describing Content for Works and Expressions
Chapter 13: RDA Section 6: Relationships of a Resource to Persons, Families, or Corporate Bodies
Chapter 14: RDA Section 8: Resource-to-Resource Relationships
Chapter 15: RDA Sections 3 and 9: Authority Work
Chapter 16: RDA Quick Reference Table of Contents
Chapter 17: RDA Into MARC Overview: Quick-Ref Chart
Chapter 18: MARC Chart: RDA Impacts
Chapter 19: MARC 264 Fields and Publication Dates
Chapter 20: Content, Media, and Carrier Types in MARC 33x
Chapter 21: Collaborations and Compilations
Chapter 22: Note Fields in RDA
Chapter 23: RDA Examples