Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Reference Guide to Data Sources

Bauder, Julia. The Reference Guide to Data Sources. ALA Editions, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1227-0.

Much of the most frequently used data can be found free online, but it can be tricky to locate. This book shows readers how to look for it with the assistance of user-friendly tools. The author helps librarians cut through the data jargon and provides hints for providing effective data reference services.

Table of Contents
1. Data Reference Basics
2. General Sources
3. Agriculture and Food
4. Crime
5. Earth Science--General
6. Earth Science--Air, Climate, and Weather
7. Earth Science--Water
8. Economics--General
9. Economics-- Government Finance
10. Economics--Firms and Industries
11. Economics--Commodities
12. Economics--Labor
13. Economics--Macroeconomic Accounts
14. Economics--Banks and Lending
15. Economics--Real Estate
16. Economics--Trade and Tariffs
17. Education
18. Energy
19. Health and Health Care
20. People and Households
21. Political Science--Elections
22. Political Science--War and Peace
23. Political Science--Other
24. Public Opinion Surveys
25. Transportation
26. Spatial Data
27. When All Else Fails: Using Article Databases, WorldCat, and Real Live People to Find Data

A Citing Data
B Getting Started with the Survey Documentation and Analysis Software