Thursday, July 3, 2014

Law Librarianship in the Digital Age

Kroski, Ellyssa (ed.) Law Librarianship in the Digital Age. Scarecrow Press, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-8108-8806-7

This book covers developments that face today’s modern law libraries, including e-Books, mobile device management, Web scale discovery, cloud computing, social software, and more. These critical issues and concepts are approached from the perspective of tech-savvy library leaders who each discuss how forward-thinking libraries are tackling such traditional library practices as reference, collection development, technical services, and administration in this new “digital age.”

Each chapter explores the key concepts and issues that are currently being discussed at major law library conferences and events today and looks ahead to what’s on the horizon for law libraries in the future.

Table of Contents
Part I. Major Introductory Concepts
1 Law Librarianship 2.0 - Jennifer Wertkin
2. Embedded Librarianship - Thomas J. Striepe and Mary Talley
3. Copyright in the Digital Age - Kyle K. Courtney
4. Open Access to Legal Scholarship - Cheryl Kelly Fischer and Vicki Steiner
5. User Services Analysis for Decision Making - Kim Clarke
6. Law Library Management - Camille Broussard, Ralph Monaco, and Gitelle Seer

Part II. Technologies
7. Digitization - Michelle M. Wu
8. E-books in Law Libraries - Ellyssa Kroski
9. Tablets and Mobile Device Management - William R. Mills
10. The Law Library Website - Andrew Plumb-Larrick
11. Web-Scale Discovery and Federated Search - Valeri Craigle
12. The Cloud - Roger Vicarius Skalbeck
13. Social Software - Marcia L. Dority Baker

Part III. Reference Services
14. Reference Services in a Law Library - Carol A. Watson
15. Introduction to Legal Research - Rhea Ballard-Thrower
16. Online Information Sources - Sarah K. C. Mauldin
17. Major Legal Databases and How to Search Them - Theodora Belniak

Part IV. Instruction
18. Library Instruction in the Information Age - Emily Janoski-Haehlen
19. Educational Technologies - Kim Clarke and Nadine R. Hoffman

Part V. Technical Services
20. Technical Services 2.0 - Edward T. Hart
21. Collection Development - Molly (Mary) E. Brownfield
22. Electronic Resources Management and User Authentication - Catherine M. Monte

Part VI. Knowledge Management
23. Knowledge Management - Steven A. Lastres and Don MacLeod
24. The Law Library Intranet - Emily R. Florio and Michael J. Robak

Part VII. Marketing
25. Digital Age Marketing - Carol Ottolenghi
26. Competitive Intelligence - Jennifer Alexander and M. T. Hennessey

Part VIII. Professional Development and the Future
27. Professional Development - Holly M. Riccio
28. The Future of Law Librarianship - Scott D. Bailey and Julie Graves Krishnaswami