Monday, July 7, 2014

Copyright for Academic Librarians and Professionals

Butler, Rebecca P. Copyright for Academic Librarians and Professionals. ALA Editions, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1214-0

This practical handbook will show students training to become college and university librarians how to make informed decisions regarding the use and availability of print, non-print, and online resources. Based on Butler’s 17 years of experience conducting copyright workshops and courses, her book matches real-world scenarios with interpretations of the law from copyright experts in the field to provide a thorough understanding of current, everyday applications of copyright law in higher education. Butler explains fair use, public domain, documentation and licenses, permissions, creation and ownership, violations and penalties, international copyright law, and avoiding copyright problems as they relate to each of these formats.

Table of Contents

Part I: Copyright Fundamentals
1.      Introduction to Copyright Law
2.      Fair Use
3.      Public Domain
4.      Obtaining Permission
5.      Other Important Copyright Information
Part II: Specific Applications of Copyright Law
6.      The Internet and Copyright Law
7.      DVDs, Video Streaming, On Demand, and Copyright Law
8.      Television and Copyright Law
9.      Computer Software, Handheld Applications and Mobile Technologies, and Copyright Law
10.   Music and Copyright Law
11.   Multimedia and Copyright Law
12.   Print Works and Copyright Law
13.   Distance Learning and Copyright Law
14.   Conclusion
Appendix A: Selected Sections of the U.S. Copyright Law
Appendix B: Glossary for Chapter 6