Monday, July 28, 2014

Library Management for the Digital Age

Todaro, Julie. Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-4422-3015-6

The author proposes a new paradigm for planning, administering, and assessing library services. She explains each facet of administering both “old” (physical) and “new” (virtual) libraries, and compares new and recommended management skills and methods with classic techniques and traditions. She also includes concise case studies that illustrate the real-world nature of the shift and discussion questions to facilitate active learning. 

Table of Contents 
PART I. Twenty-First Century Management in Libraries
Chapter 1. Classic Management vs. New Management
Chapter 2. Preparing and Maintaining the New Manager
Chapter 3. “Managing” New Employees/Staff/Human Resources/Stakeholders
Chapter 4. New Management of Change
Chapter 5. New Managers Designing New Organizations
Chapter 6. Management Infrastructure Documents in New Organizations
Chapter 7. Managing New Services and Resources
Chapter 8. Managing Those Outside the “Sphere”
Chapter 9. New Management “in Action” Communication
Chapter 10. New Managers within Classic and New Organizations
Chapter 11. New Managers in Classic and New Facilities and Environments
Chapter 12. New “Landscapes” for Library and Information Settings
Chapter 13. Managing the Balance to Meet New Constituent/Customer Expectations
Chapter 14. Accountability, Measurement, and Assessment in New Management Organizations
Chapter 15. New Budgeting with (Mostly) Classic Budgeting Issues
Chapter 16. Emergency Management Roles and Responsibilities of New Managers

PART II: The Cases
Introduction to the Case Method
Case 1. A Difficult Path of Moving Up and Out
Case 2. Building Your Own Management Training Program
Case 3. Rumor Has It
Case 4. Do You Have Any Change On You?
Case 5. Racking Up the Library Pool Table
Case 6. Manuals, Handbooks, Policies, Procedures, Budgets, Minutes and Plans, Oh My!
Case 7. What’s Old is New – if the Money is There
Case 8. But Enough About Me, What Do YOU Think About Me?
Case 9. Suffering from Past Mistakes
Case 10. What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You
Case 11. A Fixer Upper
Case 12. Penny’s Partners Proliferate due to Punctual, Prioritized, and Positive Planning
Case 13. Keeping Up With the “Joneses”
Case 14. Torture the Data

Case 15. Matching Data to Data Requests
Case 16. Building Tomorrow’s Future on Today’s Expertise
Appendix A. Annotated Master List of “Indispensable” Resources
Appendix B. Examples of Paradigms
Appendix C. Additional Paradigm Shifts