Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Strengthening Teen Services Through Technology (manual and CD)

Young Adult Library Services Association. (2013). Young Adults Deserve the Best: Strengthening Teen Services through Technology. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

Keeping up with the latest tech trends can be challenging for even the most determined library worker. This kit provides libraries with 1) resources to help library workers gain confidence in using tech resources with teens and 2) with specific tech tools that can easily be incorporated into library services for teens. Teens are an integral part of the community the library serves and key future supporters of the library. It is critical for libraries to stay relevant in teens’ lives, especially in technology. From gaming to apps to e-readers to smartphones, teens are constantly plugged into technology. Training modules include: technology and reading, technology and programming, technology in marketing, advocacy and outreach, emerging technological trends, online safety and digital literacy. Contributing authors include: Linda Braun, Shauntee Burns, Laura Pearle, Brenna Shanks and Chris Shoemaker.

This kit addresses the following areas in Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth: Leadership and Professionalism; Knowledge of Client Group; Communication, Marketing, & Outreach; Knowledge of Materials; Access to Information and Services.

This kit contains:

 1. Manual (binder-ready, three-hole punched and tabbed)
  • Literature Review
  • Instructions on how to use the modules
  • 6 learning modules which contain:
    • Introductory paper
    • Module overview with key talking points and links to the YALSA Competencies
    • Printout of the module’s  PowerPoint presentation with accompanying script
    • Three optional activities to deepen participants’ understanding of the module’s  material
  •  List of works consulted

2. CD with PowerPoint presentations and resources containing six learning modules on Strengthening Teen Services through Technology

Reading and Technology
This module examines the rise of eBooks, and looks at critical eBook issues including collection development, selection criteria, eBook vendors and circulation platforms.

Technology and Programming
This module discusses how libraries can incorporate technology into programming and includes recommended websites and resources for bringing technology into the library

Technology and Marketing, Advocacy and Outreach
This module looks at how technology can be incorporated into marketing, advocacy and outreach, and how to create and carry out a successful technology campaign in each area.

Technology and Online Safety
This module looks at how to talk with teens about online safety, including privacy and intellectual property.

Emerging Technologies
This module looks at what is currently emerging and how to keep up with emerging technologies.

Digital Literacy
This module looks at incorporating technology into digital literacy through using databases, search engines and social media.

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