Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Multiethnic Books for the Middle-School Curriculum

Jones, Cherri, and J. B. Petty. Multiethnic Books for the Middle-School Curriculum. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2013.
ISBN: 978-0-8389-1163-1

Publisher's Description
Focusing on titles dealing with ethnic and religious groups both in the U.S. and around the world, this useful resource makes it easy for teachers and librarians working with middle-school children to infuse their curricular area with multicultural literature. Carefully vetted and annotated, it encompasses fiction and non-fiction published in the last decade, making it an ideal reference and collection development tool for schools and public libraries as well as for classroom teachers. Sharing their extensive knowledge of the subject, Jones and Petty
  • Match selections to curricular areas such as health, language arts, performing arts, physical education, science and math, social studies, U.S. history, and visual arts
  • Provide detailed annotations complete with summaries, evaluations and suggested age levels, perfect for quickly choosing a title for a book talk
  • Include quick reference citations noting the specific group or cultural connection which is addressed, making it easy to find just the right title
  • Offer a list of organizations, resources for educational standards, and helpful websites for additional research
Chosen for their attention to cultural issues and portrayals of multiethnic characters, the books highlighted in this resource are directly aligned to the curricular needs of children in grades 5-8.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Decision Making
Diseases and Disease Prevention
Gangs and Bullying
Sexuality and Sex Roles
Chapter 2
Language Arts

Realistic Fiction
Chapter 3
Performing Arts: Dance, Music, and Theater

Music and Theater
Chapter 4
Physical Education

Board Sports
Martial Arts
Other Sports
Chapter 5
Science and Mathematics

Astronomy and Earth Systems
Life Sciences and Chemistry
Scientific Inquiry
Chapter 6
Social Studies

World History
U.S. History
World Religions
Chapter 7
Visual Arts

Appendix A National Curriculum Standards
Appendix B Cultures
Appendix C Sources for Further Information on Multiethnic Literature