Monday, May 24, 2010

Motivating Students in Information Literacy Classes

Jacobson, Trudi E. and Lijuan Xu. Motivating Students in Information Literacy Classes. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2004. 028.7071 Jacob ISBN 978-1555704971
Students learn best when they are motivated by and interested in the subject. This unique manual shows librarians and instructors how to develop engaging courses that will compel students to become effective and successful users of information both in their academic careers and their professional lives. Part One gives librarians the keys to understanding motivation essentials and teaches them to make information literacy courses more motivating to students and the value of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. Jacobson and Xu show how to utilize credit-bearing courses, course-related instruction, drop-in sessions, and first-year programs to create exciting and enticing instruction for students. They provide librarians with tips from instructors, notes from actual experience, innovative exercises and assignments, models of teaching behaviors, methods for increasing student participation, advice for assessment and grading, and considerations for Web-based instruction.