Friday, May 21, 2010

Learning to Learn : A Guide to Becoming Information Literate in the 21st Century

Riedling, Ann Marlow. Learning to Learn : A Guide to Becoming Information Literate in the 21st Century. 2nd ed. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2006. ISBN: 9781555705565

I know this book is "already" four years old, but it comes highly recommended. -- Jen

What does it mean to be information literate? -- I am ready to research : where do I start? -- How do I find the information I need? -- How can the library (and virtual library) help me? -- There is so much information on the internet : where do I begin? -- How do I know if what I read is true? -- What should I know about plagiarism and copyright? -- How do I give credit to the creator of the information I read? -- Now that I've finished the research, how do I write the paper?

From the publisher:
In today’s world, students and workers need to know much more than just how to “use” a computer or “surf” the Internet. As an educator, you assume the awesome responsibility of helping them master essential information literacy skills to succeed in the high-speed environment in which we live. This simple, step-by- step guide is the perfect tool to accomplish that task! It is designed to help students--from middle school through beginning college--move through the research process proficiently. Original exercises reinforce the discussion using the individual student’s unique ideas and interests. Students will learn the meaning of “information literacy,” and how to:

* Locate the “right” information
* Use traditional and online libraries
* Evaluate and identify authoritative sources
* Cite sources properly
* Turn research papers into something that displays their own ideas and ingenuity

An all-new chapter covers intellectual property, copyright, and plagiarism.