Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Guy Friendly YA Library (book)

Welch, R.J. (2007). The guy friendly YA library: Serving male teens. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.
Provides some excellent insights, anecdotes and practical suggestions that should help librarians encourage male teenage users. A must read for all public and school librarians who have found themselves struggling to reach this particular audience. (Library Review)
Chapter 1 The Library Staff vs. Guys: Why Can't We Just Get Along?
Chapter 2 Understanding Teen Males
Chapter 3 Males as Readers: Their Reading Habits
Chapter 4 Reading and Boys--Topics of Interest
Chapter 5 Books for Boys--Genres, Titles and Topics
Chapter 6 Engaging Teen Males in Library Programming and Teen Advisory Boards
Chapter 7 School Visits and Booktalks
Chapter 8 Actively and Passively Creating Library Services for Teen Males
Appendix A Essential Fiction Titles or Series for Teen Males