Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Children's Literature in Action (book)

Vardell, S.M. (2008). Children's literature in action: A librarian's guide. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.
Written in informal and engaging prose, each chapter presents the historical background, definition, and unique qualificaties of the type of literature described. An especially helpful feature is the inset boxes placed throughout chpaters, which give selected bibliographies for further information and present the work of individual authors. The highlighting of these authors and their works offers a helpful model for librarians as they create their own displays and promotions....A comprehensive index allows for easy access to the information presented throughout the book. Two useful bibliographies are also included that could be used to collection building: a bibliography of resources for further study and a bibliography of the works cited. These features make the book an indispensible resource for information proffesionals. (ARBA Online)
Chapter One: An Introduction To Children And Their Literature
Chapter Two: Picture Books
Chapter Three: Traditional Tales
Chapter Four: Poetry For Children
Chapter Five: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Chapter Six: Historical Fiction
Chapter Seven: Fantasy
Chapter Eight: Informational Books