Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Books for Boys (book)

Zbaracki, M.D. (2008). Best books for boys: A resource for educators. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.
Looking for books guaranteed to grab the attention and interest of boys? Books that will keep them reading to the end? Books that will turn them onto reading, or turn them from reluctant readers into lifelong readers? Dip into this guide for a wealth of ideas, all carefully chosen to help librarians, teachers, and parents. The approximately 500 entries have been selected for the general appeal and for their ability to engage and involve readers. Covering a broad span of literature, the book focuses on titles published within the last decade. Genres covered include humor, realistic fiction, adventure, sports, fantasy, historical fiction, graphic novels, nonfiction, and even poetry. Entries are organized by genre and each includes a brief plot summary that highlights the appeal to boys, an indication of reading level, and complete bibliographic information. In recent years, educators and librarians have become increasingly aware of their failings with young male readers, and eager to enlist boys in books and reading. If you are among those educators hoping to more successfully reach out to boys and promote reading, this book is for you. A wonderful tool for collection development, book lists, and displays, this volume will help adults sift through the plethora of titles published for children each year and identify suitable titles for individual boys in grades 3-10. (Book description)