Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Library Services to Indigenous Populations (book)

Library Services to Indigenous Populations: Viewpoints & Resources. Kelly Webster, ed., Office for Literacy and Outreach Services - ALA, 2005. 64 pp.
isbn 0-8389-8316-2
call # - 027.63 Libra3

Check it out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Learning to Question to Wonder to Learn (Book)

Why question? Why bother? Isn’t thinking enough? What’s the difference, anyway? Isn’t questioning and thinking part and parcel of the same whole? Pg. 1

The first paragraph of this book immediately starts modeling the practice of questioning. The book is full of easily understandable thought provoking quotes on thinking and questioning such as:
1-“At worst, thinking can resemble a cow chewing its cud.” Pg. 2
2-“Questioning is to thinking as yeast is to bread making. Unleavened bread is flat, hard and unyielding. Unleavened thinking is uninspired.” Pg. 7
3-“Questioning is central to learning, growing and acting. An unquestioning mind is condemned to ‘feeding’ on the ideas and solutions of others. An unquestioning mind may have little defense against the data smog (Shenk, 1997) so typical of life in this information age. An unquestioning mind is too much like a rudderless sloop swept along by storm swelled currents.” Pg.15

At least 10 different types of questions (Essential, Irreverent, Irrelevant, Inventive, Hypothetical, Probing, Divergent, Provocative, Unanswerable, Subsidiary ) are eloquently defined. The reader is provided concrete examples to help their understanding. Reading this book is like attending one of those “just in time” workshops that send you home with a toolbox of new techniques to try on your students first thing Monday morning. Don’t question yourself on this one, check it out! It would be a great professional book group study for any building!

Build Your Own Information Literate School (Book)

Koechlin, Carol, and Sandi Zwaan. Build Your Own Information Literate School. Salt Lake City, UT: Hi Willow Research and Publishing, 2003.
ISBN: 0-931510-89-9

This is a must have for all library teachers who are working with staff on research projects and ties in so well with the OSLIS resources available for such projects. I’m very impressed with the number and quality of the templates and rubrics. I especially like the Research Reflections and Assessing My Effort Student Templates. Jeri Petzel from Wilsonville recommended this book at her session at the OEMA Fall Conference. Check it out now!

The book has in-depth sections on Define and Clarify the Research Process; Locate and Retrieve; Select, Process, and Record Data; Analyze; Synthesize; Share and Use; Reflect, Transfer and Apply, and Adding It all Up.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Libraries and Google (Book)

Libraries and Google. William Miller, Rita M. Pellen, editors.

Collection of articles covering a diverse set of perspectives about Google as a reference tool and more; contents include:
  • Introduction: Libraries and their interrelationships with Google / William Miller
  • Disruptive beneficence : the Google Print program and the future of libraries / Mark Sandler
  • The Google Library Project at Oxford / Ronald Milne
  • The (uncertain) future of libraries in a Google world : sounding an alarm / Rick Anderson
  • A gaggle of Googles : limitations and defects of electronic access as panacea / Mark Y. Herring
  • Using the Google search appliance for federated searching : a case study / Mary Taylor
  • Google's print and scholar initiatives : the value of and impact on libraries and information services / Robert J. Lackie
  • Google Scholar vs. library scholar : testing the performance of Schoogle / Burton Callicott, Debbie Vaughn
  • Google, the invisible Web, and librarians : slaying the research Goliath / Francine Egger-Sider, Jane Devine
  • Choices in the paradigm shift : where next for libraries? / Shelley E. Phipps, Krisellen Maloney
  • Calling the scholars home : Google Scholar as a tool for rediscovering the academic library / Maurice C. York
  • Checking under the hood : evaluating Google Scholar for reference use / Janice Adlington, Chris Benda
  • Running with the devil : accessing library-licensed full text holdings through Google Scholar / Rebecca Donlan, Rachel Cooke
  • Directing students to new information types : a new role for Google in literature searches? / Mike Thelwall
  • Evaluating Google Scholar as a tool for information literacy / Rachael Cathcart, Amanda Roberts -- Optimising publications for Google users / Alan Dawson
  • Google and privacy / Paul S. Piper -- Image : Google's most important product / Ron Force
  • Keeping up with Google : resources and strategies for staying ahead of the pack / Michael J. Krasulski, Steven J. Bell

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best New Technologies: Keeping Up with the Storm (DVD)

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2006-2007: “Library 2.0 and Beyond

Best New Technologies: Keeping Up with the Storm. Speakers: Steven Bell and Aaron Schmidt

New technologies keep coming at a rapid pace, and librarians are subject to the stress of being expected to both absorb and implement them. Is there any surprise that the challenges faced in keeping up with this storm of new technology is where the talk turns when librarians gather? Our cause for optimism is that a handful of these new technologies may actually help librarians to more effectively connect with their communities and involve community members in developing resources and content.

This program will examine the challenges librarians face as we enter the world of Web 2.0. It will explore several of the newest technologies, investigate why librarians are adopting them and how they’re being used, and examine sensible approaches to choosing and implementing the technology that are right for your library.

Original broadcast date: October 27, 2006. Running time: 1:30.

Information Literacy for the 21st Century Learner (DVD)

Information Literacy for the 21st Century Learner: Reaching At-Risk High School and Community College Students

This teleconference examines information literacy instruction and the relationship between information literacy and student success in moving from high school to community college. There is a particular emphasis on “at-risk” students. This program is a report on a three-year Leadership Gran form the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded to the Network of Illinois Learning Resources in Community Colleges (NILRC).

The guest panel discusses the importance of information literacy skills, the benefits of collaboration between high schools and community colleges and describes the toolkit of resources created as a part of the grant project.

Original broadcast date: June 2, 2006. Running time: 1:30.

Confronting the Crisis in Library Education (DVD)

Confronting the Crisis in Library Education

Host, Mike Jackson ; discussion leader, Michael Gorman ; panelists, Nancy Allen, John Budd, Elaine Zaremba Jennerich

Are today’s library education programs adequately training and preparing the next generation of librarians? Is there really a crisis in library education?

This teleconference is presented by the American Library Association and features ALA president Michael Gorman and a panel of guest practitioners and educators. Panelists stress the need for educator and practitioner collaboration. They discuss the educational needs of the new and veteran library professional. The panel also addresses educational methodologies with strategies to insure a quality education that enables librarians to work effectively in a dynamic, changing library environment.

Original broadcast date: June 9, 2006. Running time: 1:30.

Library Hot Topics: Discussions and Interviews (DVD)

From the Library Challenges & Opportunities Series 2006: "Library Hot Topics"

Library Hot Topics: Discussions and Interviews

This teleconference provides the inside scoop on all the happenings of the ALA Conference. What are the hot topics? What are the exciting new technologies? In the style of a television news magazine, qualified speakers who are in the know and at the forefront of new issues share their knowledge with those who were unable to attend the conference.

Original broadcast date: April 29, 2005. Running time: 2:00.

Library Management Hot Topics (DVD)

From the Library Challenges & Opportunities Series 2006: "Library Hot Topics"

Library Management Hot Topics

Based on numerous requests and positive reaction to the roundtable format used last spring, we bring together a pane of experienced library managers to discuss a series of management related issues. Our panel, representing both large and small academic and public libraries.

Topics include: changing the roles of support staff; what to do with “problem managers”; the information commons model of librarianship; staff morale; and the fate of small libraries in this era of technology.

Original broadcast date: March 10, 2006. Running time: 1:30.

Serving Immigrant Populations (DVD)

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2005-2006: “Libraries, the Universe, & Everything”

Serving Immigrant Populations. Speaker: Bill Erbes. Panel of experts.

This teleconference examines providing library services to this nation’s increasing immigrant population. By breaking down the process into stages of building a prototype for diversity, the program aims to find direction, guidance, reassurance and inspiration for library professional considering or currently involved in implementing programs for providing service to immigrants.

Guest speakers discuss the historical relationship between immigrants and libraries, compiling and interpreting demographic information, facing community resistance, cultural negotiation, the importance of establishing partnerships, and keys to success.

Original broadcast date: April 7, 2006. Running time: 2:00.

Always a River, Sometimes a Library (DVD)

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2005-2006: “Libraries, the Universe, & Everything”

Always a River, Sometimes a Library. Speaker: Rick Anderson.

Rick Anderson explored the three way the library profession is broken, and the four ways to fix it. He uses the Mississippi River as a metaphor for patron behavior, and gives us new and useful ways to think about our patrons.

Original broadcast date: February 2, 2006. Running time: 1:30.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide (Book)

Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide. By Michael P. Sauers. Medford, NJ. Information Today, 2006. 272 pp. (ISBN-13: 978-1-57387-268)

Libraries increasingly use blogs and RSS feeds to reach out to users, while librarians blog daily on a range of personal and professional topics. The way has been paved by the tech-savvy and resource-rich, but any library or librarian can successfully create and syndicate a blog today. In this readable book, author, Internet trainer, and blogger Michael P. Sauers, M.L.S., shows how blogging and RSS technology can be easily and effectively used in the context of a library community. Sauers showcases interesting and useful blogs, shares insights from librarian bloggers, and offers step-by-step instructions for creating, publishing, and syndicating a blog using free Web-based services, software, RSS feeds, and aggregators.

Google and Your Patrons (DVD)

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2005-2006: “Libraries, the Universe, & Everything”

Google and Your Patrons. Speaker: Steven Bell.

The myths and realities of Google are explored, along with its unique features and its impact on libraries. This teleconference explores the library worker’s role in connecting users to high quality information in the age of “Googleization”.

Original broadcast date: November 18, 2005. Running time: 1:30.