Friday, March 23, 2007

Libraries and Google (Book)

Libraries and Google. William Miller, Rita M. Pellen, editors.

Collection of articles covering a diverse set of perspectives about Google as a reference tool and more; contents include:
  • Introduction: Libraries and their interrelationships with Google / William Miller
  • Disruptive beneficence : the Google Print program and the future of libraries / Mark Sandler
  • The Google Library Project at Oxford / Ronald Milne
  • The (uncertain) future of libraries in a Google world : sounding an alarm / Rick Anderson
  • A gaggle of Googles : limitations and defects of electronic access as panacea / Mark Y. Herring
  • Using the Google search appliance for federated searching : a case study / Mary Taylor
  • Google's print and scholar initiatives : the value of and impact on libraries and information services / Robert J. Lackie
  • Google Scholar vs. library scholar : testing the performance of Schoogle / Burton Callicott, Debbie Vaughn
  • Google, the invisible Web, and librarians : slaying the research Goliath / Francine Egger-Sider, Jane Devine
  • Choices in the paradigm shift : where next for libraries? / Shelley E. Phipps, Krisellen Maloney
  • Calling the scholars home : Google Scholar as a tool for rediscovering the academic library / Maurice C. York
  • Checking under the hood : evaluating Google Scholar for reference use / Janice Adlington, Chris Benda
  • Running with the devil : accessing library-licensed full text holdings through Google Scholar / Rebecca Donlan, Rachel Cooke
  • Directing students to new information types : a new role for Google in literature searches? / Mike Thelwall
  • Evaluating Google Scholar as a tool for information literacy / Rachael Cathcart, Amanda Roberts -- Optimising publications for Google users / Alan Dawson
  • Google and privacy / Paul S. Piper -- Image : Google's most important product / Ron Force
  • Keeping up with Google : resources and strategies for staying ahead of the pack / Michael J. Krasulski, Steven J. Bell