Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Build Your Own Information Literate School (Book)

Koechlin, Carol, and Sandi Zwaan. Build Your Own Information Literate School. Salt Lake City, UT: Hi Willow Research and Publishing, 2003.
ISBN: 0-931510-89-9

This is a must have for all library teachers who are working with staff on research projects and ties in so well with the OSLIS resources available for such projects. I’m very impressed with the number and quality of the templates and rubrics. I especially like the Research Reflections and Assessing My Effort Student Templates. Jeri Petzel from Wilsonville recommended this book at her session at the OEMA Fall Conference. Check it out now!

The book has in-depth sections on Define and Clarify the Research Process; Locate and Retrieve; Select, Process, and Record Data; Analyze; Synthesize; Share and Use; Reflect, Transfer and Apply, and Adding It all Up.