Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best New Technologies: Keeping Up with the Storm (DVD)

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2006-2007: “Library 2.0 and Beyond

Best New Technologies: Keeping Up with the Storm. Speakers: Steven Bell and Aaron Schmidt

New technologies keep coming at a rapid pace, and librarians are subject to the stress of being expected to both absorb and implement them. Is there any surprise that the challenges faced in keeping up with this storm of new technology is where the talk turns when librarians gather? Our cause for optimism is that a handful of these new technologies may actually help librarians to more effectively connect with their communities and involve community members in developing resources and content.

This program will examine the challenges librarians face as we enter the world of Web 2.0. It will explore several of the newest technologies, investigate why librarians are adopting them and how they’re being used, and examine sensible approaches to choosing and implementing the technology that are right for your library.

Original broadcast date: October 27, 2006. Running time: 1:30.