Thursday, March 22, 2007

Confronting the Crisis in Library Education (DVD)

Confronting the Crisis in Library Education

Host, Mike Jackson ; discussion leader, Michael Gorman ; panelists, Nancy Allen, John Budd, Elaine Zaremba Jennerich

Are today’s library education programs adequately training and preparing the next generation of librarians? Is there really a crisis in library education?

This teleconference is presented by the American Library Association and features ALA president Michael Gorman and a panel of guest practitioners and educators. Panelists stress the need for educator and practitioner collaboration. They discuss the educational needs of the new and veteran library professional. The panel also addresses educational methodologies with strategies to insure a quality education that enables librarians to work effectively in a dynamic, changing library environment.

Original broadcast date: June 9, 2006. Running time: 1:30.