Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Apps for Librarians

Apps for Librarians: Using the Best Mobile Technology to Educate, Create, and Engage by Nicole Hennig. Libraries Unlimited, 2014. 978-1-61069-530-5.

Mobile apps are empowering for people of all ages and abilities

As librarians and educators, we are passionate about learning and access to information for all. Contrary to the popular idea that apps are only useful for “consumption,” the best mobile apps are being used effectively as tools to enable learning and knowledge creation.

Got tablets in your library, but no time to find the best apps?
Apps are everywhere these days and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You probably have questions like these:
  • How do I find and use the best quality apps?
  • Which apps will help me in my professional work?
  • Which apps should libraries recommend to their communities?
This book will give you a solid foundation, along with inspiration. You’ll learn:
  • which quality apps have become “core” and how to use them
  • how mobile devices are enabling better learning
  • how mobile apps are improving life for those with special needs
  • how to keep up with new apps and find quality reviews
  • how to review an app, including a checklist of what to include
  • inspiring examples of how libraries are using apps in creative ways.
An opportunity for librarians
When you become an app expert, you become the go-to person for your community—evaluating, reviewing and recommending the very best apps for knowledge creation and active learning.

See the book's website for Table of Contents, author information, and updates on information that has changed since the printing of the book.