Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Information Resource Description: Creating and Managing Metadata

Hider, Philip.  Information Resource Description: Creating and Managing Metadata.  Chicago: ALA, 2012.   025.3 Hider   isbn 978-0-8389-1201-0

This book serves as a primer on information and knowledge organization, with particular reference to digital environments. It introduces the conventions and standards of contemporary document description, and the principles and trends of professional practice. Employing the unifying mechanism of the semantic web and the resource description framework, Hider integrates the various traditions and practices of information and knowledge organization. Uniquely, he covers both the domain-specific traditions and practices and the practices of the “metadata movement” through a single lens—that of resource description in the broadest, semantic web sense. This approach more readily accommodates coverage of the new RDA: Resource Description and Access standard, which aims to move library cataloging into the center of the semantic web. This book brings both the standard and its model and concepts into focus, covering such key topics as:

  •  Information resource attributes
  •  Metadata for information retrieval
  •  Metadata sources and quality
  •  Economics and management of metadata
  •  Knowledge organization systems
  •  The semantic web
  •  Books and e-books, and websites and audiovisual resources
  •  Business and government documents
  •  Learning resources
The field of information/knowledge organizationThis comprehensive introduction to information resource description is essential reading for LIS students taking information organization courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, information professionals wishing to specialize in metadata, and existing metadata specialists who wish to update their knowledge.