Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crash Course in Genealogy

Dowell, David R. Crash Course in Genealogy
Libraries Unlimited, 2011. ISBN: 987-1-59884-939-4

According to the author, this book is intended to be a basic training course for library workers who need to get an overview of genealogy very quickly in order to help those family history researchers that frequently visit libraries. Beginning with library genealogical services policies, the guide moves on to cover genealogical research principles and most-used sources. It also illustrates how one can perform a search backward in time through American family history. The book includes information on researching people of color, taking research to another country, and adding DNA information to genealogical research. Examples from the author's decades-long experience as a genealogist enrich the text, while illustrations of census records and the like help readers understand the research process.