Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Countdown to a New Library: Managing the Building Project

Woodward, Jeannette, 2nd ed. Countdown to a New Library: Managing the Building Project. Chicago: ALA, 2010. 022.3Woodw 2nd ed. ISBN 978-0838910122

Writing from the perspective of a librarian who has been through numerous building projects, Jeannette Woodward walks you through the process of overseeing the planning and construction of a building project. Packed with helpful checklists and worksheets, this revised edition includes: updated references, standards, materials, and resources; tips for efficient HVAC systems and evolving rules for LEED certification; and, information on new technological issues. Using hands-on tools and real-life insider stories from librarians around the country, this is a must-have crash course in planning and building today's libraries.