Monday, March 29, 2010

Making the Best of a Shrinking Budget (DVD)

Making the Best of a Shrinking Budget: Creative Practices in a New Economy. Presenters Leslie Burger, Alice Calabrese-Berry, and Mary Case. College of DuPage, 2009. DVD.

This is a recording of the teleconference that was broadcast by the College of DuPage as part of the Library Futures: Staying Ahead of the Curve series on January 29, 2010. Running time is 90 minutes.

Description on DVD:
"Private or public, for profit or not, funding is the key to the functionality and longevity of all ventures. When money is scarce, decisions about necessity and sacrifice shape the direction and viability of any enterprise. Libraries are accustomed to adapting to fluctuating budgets. Recent funding shortages, though, have been staggering, resulting in steep reductions. In the face of financial strain, how do libraries preserve core services or even expand the roles of librarians to meet community needs? Beyond a mere tightening of belts to make it through a slump, this program focuses on a new way of thinking about the relationship between budgets and services."