Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Latino Literature: A Guide to Reading Interests

Martinez, S. (2009). Latino Literature: A Guide to Reading Interests.
Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Latinos comprise the fastest-growing population in the U.S., and that means more Latino readers at the library. In addition, works written by Latinos, whether written in or translated into English, have become a vibrant and growing body of literature that is of great interest to all readers as well as literary scholars. Yet, there are few tools to guide readers and the professionals who work with them through this expanding terrain.

The primary purpose of this guide is to help readers and those who advise them find enjoyable leisure reading material. Focusing on popular works by Latino authors, i.e. U.S. authors of Latino heritage; and authors from Latin American countries or Spain, the book organizes and describes approximately 750 titles by genre, subgenre and theme, providing readers with lists of like reads.

Complete bibliographic information is provided for each title, along with a concise plot summary, a subject list, award information, a brief quote from the book, and a list of similar reads.

Other features of the guide include an introduction to Latino literature, a discussion of RA services in a multicultural society, trends in Latino publishing, and a discussion of pertinent ethnic terminology. In addition, you'll find guidelines for selection of Latino Literature, information sources, publishers, and organizations and societies. Further access is provided by indexes to authors, titles, subjects, character names, and settings .

Finally, a genre guide to Latino literature-and it covers works by Latino authors written in and tranlated into English.

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