Friday, October 30, 2009

The Successful Library Trustee Handbook. 2nd ed

Moore, Mary Y. The Successful Library Trustee Handbook. 2nd ed. Chicago: ALA, 2010. 021.820973 Moore 2nd ed. ISBN 978-0-8389-1003-0

(description of 1st ed)

Some boards of directors micromanage, while others protect their "turf" to the detriment of their customers. After decades of working with boards, library consultant Mary Moore has experienced enough understanding to provide authoritative guidance on what trustees can do to foster an effective organization. In this definitive guide and ALTA-approved training manual for members of library boards of trustees, Moore has created a user-friendly orientation manual for new trustees and refresher course for experienced board members. Designed to improve any board's effectiveness, The Successful Library Trustee Handbook offers proven advice about what it takes to make the board run smoothly - from meetings to evaluations. It addresses the critical questions every board member needs to understand: What does it mean to be on a library board of trustees? How does advocacy work and why is it important? Who makes library policy? Is there a more effective way to do strategic planning? Practical checklists, tables and what have you learned? review items will help anyone make the most of the experience of serving on a board. Trustees, administrators, consultants, trainers, and library students will welcome this hands-on "bring it along and mark it up" reference.