Friday, October 2, 2009

Managing Electronic Government Information in Libraries

Managing Electronic Government Information in Libraries, Issues and Practices. Edited by Andrea M. Morrison. Chicago, American Library Association, 2008.

From the publisher:

Managing and providing access to the ever-expanding wealth of electronic government information now available presents a significant challenge for librarians, even those who are government documents specialists.

In two parts, this expert guide from ALA’s Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) provides the necessary resources librarians can use to connect patrons to specific information via government sites and electronic documents.

In part one, the contributing authors discuss historical contexts and contemporary issues of electronic government collections. In part two, they give practical guidance for implementing and improving services.

Deftly edited by Andrea Morrison, this book

  • Navigates the local, state, federal, and international e-government landscape
  • Provides in-depth description and examples for cataloging electronic government documents
  • Suggests outreach methods for sharing resources internally and externally
  • Recommends practical tips for keeping up with electronic government information

Libraries of all types will find this comprehensive book a very useful bridge to serving more patrons through electronic government collections. Offering sound advice for anyone who is or should be working with government documents, this book is especially useful for reference, map, digital, and technical services librarians.