Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Language is the Key (book and DVD)

Washington Learning Systems. (2006). Language is the key: Video programs for building language and literacy in early childhood. Seattle, WA: Washington Learning Systems.

Language is the Key is an evidence-based early literacy program you can present to patrons at your library without any special training. The State Library has this program in both English and Spanish so be sure to specify which language you want when you make your request to document delivery.

When you check out Language is the Key you will get:

+ One DVD of the video program "Talking and Books" (20+ minutes).
+ One DVD of the video program "Talking and Play" (20+ minutes).
+ Resource Guide with handouts and instructions for trainers.

"Talking and Books" teaches adults how to use language facilitation strategies when looking at picture books with young children. The strategies are easy to learn, and very effective for promoting language development and early literacy.

"Talking and Play" shows teachers and parents how to promote language development when children are engaged in play or day-to-day activities. The program reinforces the strategies taught in "Talking and Books" and helps trainees transfer the strategies to different settings.

Reproduction Policy: Yes! You can make copies of these videos and print materials. However, copies cannot be sold.

You can visit Washington Learning System’s website to preview the videos.