Monday, December 17, 2007

The Joy of Computing : A Cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries

[picture and text courtesy of the MaintainIT Project]

The Joy of Computing : A Cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries. MaintainIT Project, 2007. 85 pp.

Learn about locking down public computers, use a handy maintenance checklist, and more!

Download the entire pdf (2.27 MB)

Look inside the contents and download individual chapters

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Chapter by chapter downloads are also available:

Getting Started
Download the pdf (412 KB)
This chapter describes what you'll find in the Cookbook, how to use it, and who was behind it.

Meal Plan 1: Focusing on Your Ingredients for Success
Download the pdf (352 KB)
Learn how to develop a technology plan that keeps your computers humming and your patrons happy.

Meal Plan 2: Meat and Potato Patron Computers
Download the pdf (962 KB)
Learn practical maintenance techniques, such as how to lock down your computer and keep them virus free!

Meal Plan 3: Volunteers for the Kitchen
Download the pdf (417 KB)
Learn how volunteers can improve the services you provide!

Meal Plan 4: Getting the Technology Training You Need
Download the pdf (313 KB)
Training is more than a class. Learn how to develop a plan to keep your staff on top--and ahead--of your technology.

Meal Plan 5: Future Menus for Library Technology Services
Download the pdf (398 KB)
Take time to consider the future and your library's place in it.

Appendix A: Library Spotlight--Tips & Techniques
Download the pdf (130 KB)
Read real stories from libraries on creative ways to keep computers available to the public.