Wednesday, December 12, 2007

After-School Treats and Let's Build (books)

Chumbley, T. (n.d.). After-school treats: A program manual of after-school activities for children in 2nd through 6th grades. Des Moines, IA: State Library of Iowa.
Programs are designed to be adaptable--pick and choose what works for you, adapt activities to make them your own. Programs don't all have the same features, but you'll see a lot of crafts, games/activities, songs and fingerplays, bibliographies, and clip-art. Program themes: sports, numbers, 5 senses, time, dogs, money, pizza, and snow. The last page in the manual lists several additional themes to get you thinking about other programs for your library.
Chumbley, T. (n.d.). Lets build! A program manual celebrating construction in the library. Des Moines, IA: State Library of Iowa.
Perfect for libraries under construction and/or remodeling! Manual contents: decorations and displays, reading logs, certificates, bookmarks, songs and fingerplays, program ideas, games, crafts, clipart, handouts/reproducibles, and bibliography.

These manuals were written by Tami Chumbley, a children's librarian, and illustrated by Crystal Kehoe, a youth services assistant. They have been provided by the State Library of Iowa in cooperation with North Central Library Service Area.