Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Library Technology and Digital Resources: An Introduction for Support Staff

Library Technology and Digital Resources: An Introduction for Support Staff by Marie Keen Shaw. Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. 978-1-4422-5644-6.

Publisher's Description
In the last decade library collections have rapidly evolved from a predominance of print books and journals to an ever growing mix of digital and print resources. Library patrons are predominately served by support staff that is expected to know how to help patrons select and use digital resources. Yet most library support staff (LSS) has not had training to become proficient in finding, using, and instructing others in the abundance of the digital resources of websites, databases, e-texts, digital libraries and their related technologies.

Library Technology and Digital Resources: An Introduction for Support Staff is both a text for professors who teach in library support staff programs and an introductory reference manual for support staff who work in libraries. This book will guide the LSS to be able to:
  • Distinguish key features and enhancements found among vendors and providers of digital libraries, digital collections, databases, and e-texts;
  • Plan, budget, fund and write grants for digital resources;
  • Understand the complexity and options of licensing and usage agreements for digital resources;
  • Know copyright permissions and acceptable use guidelines for digital resources.
  • Understand the basic technologies that support library digital resources including network structures, software applications, and protocols;
  • Distinguish between directories and search engines as they relate to digital resources as well as be able to employ advance search skills effectively;
  • Explore the resources of global, national, and state digital libraries and their collections;
  • Use government databases and other digitized systems and information sources;
  • Find exemplary digital resources though other agencies such as museums, university collections and other sources that librarians can share with patrons.
  • Create local digital resources of primary and historical materials and artifacts with metadata and cataloging for searchable access.
  • Interpret meaning from library digital resources using visual literacy skills.
  • Promote library digital resources through a variety of means including social media and online options.
More Information
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