Thursday, May 14, 2015

Creative Management of Small Public Libraries in the 21st Century

Smallwood, Carol (ed.) Creative Management of Small Public Libraries in the 21st Century. Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-4422-43552

Defining small libraries as those serving populations of 25,000 or under, this collection of essays covers topics including staffing, programming, management, technology, networking, fundraising, and user services. Many essays emphasize turning the focus of service of staff outward into the community and the importance of relationship building. 

Table of Contents

Part I Staff
Chapter 1 Attitudes
Padma Polepeddi

Chapter 2 Employee Energy=Motivate Connect 2 Empower (E=MC2)
Amanda D. McKay Biarkis and Johnna Schultz

Chapter 3 Staff Evaluations
Padma Polepeddi

Chapter 4 Succession Planning Strategies for Small Public Libraries
Karen Harrison Dyck

Part II Programming
Chapter 5 Cultivating Conversation, Memory & Self-Awareness: Women & Libraries Post-Retirement
Joanna Kluever, Wayne Finley

Chapter 6 Patron Facilitated Programming
Shawn D. Walsh and Melanie A. Lyttle

Chapter 7 Programming: Helping the Community Learn More About Itself
Judith Wines

Chapter 8 Successful Adult Programming Using Local Resources
Diana Stirling

Part III Management
Chapter 9 Building a Dynamic System for Relevant Statistical Analysis
Joshua K. Johnson

Chapter 10 Collection Management in Small Public Libraries
Brady A. Clemens

Chapter 11 Establishing an Inviting Atmosphere Through Library Displays
Cynthia Harbeson

Chapter 12 The Helping Hands of Boomers in Friends of the Library Groups
Kim Becnel and LouAnn Morehouse

Chapter 13 Making an Inviting Library Atmosphere
Jan Burns

Chapter 14 When Small Means Really Small
Joy Worland

Part IV Technology
Chapter 15 E-reading in Rural Libraries: A Guide to Effective Support
David Robinson

Chapter 16 Facebook Classes for Older Patrons
Sarah Kaufman

Chapter 17 Preserving Your Community's Memories: Developing Librarians for Digital Preservation
Vanessa Neblett and Shane Roopnarine

Chapter 18 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Library Web Content
Lauren Magnuson

Chapter 19 Seniors in Cyberspace
RoseAleta Laurell

Part V Networking
Chapter 20 Celebrating Creative Achievements: Facilitating Networking, Learning, and Camaraderie
Sharon Miller

Chapter 21 Supporting Success: Thinking Outside the Box via In-State Sister Libraries
April Ritchie

Part VI Fundraising
Chapter 22 Beyond the Book Sale: Creative Fundraising for Your Small Public Library
Portia Kapraun

Chapter 23 Fundraising: Filling the Gap Without Grants
Judith Wines

Chapter 24 Grantsmanship Methods and Strategies for Rural and Small-Town Librarians
Dwight McInvaill

Chapter 25 Programming Turned Fundraisers from a Library Board Trustee Member/Librarian Perspective
Linda Burkey Wade

Part VII User Services
Chapter 26 The After School Café
Amy White

Chapter 27 Instructional Design and the Public Librarian
Melissa Cornwell

Chapter 28 Library Services for Users in their 20s & 30s
Samantha C. Helmick

Chapter 29 Market Research: a Vital Tool for the Survival of Public Libraries
Brian A. Reynolds

Chapter 30 Simple Strategies for Improving the User Experience with the Library Website
Teri Oaks Gallaway and James B. Hobbs

Chapter 31 A Tree Without Roots Cannot Grow: Creative Outreach to African-American Genealogical Patrons
Nancy Richey

Chapter 32 We Started a Festival: The Halloween Costume Collection
Amy White