Monday, March 17, 2014

Law Librarianship in the Twenty-First Century

Balleste, Roy, Sonia Luna-Lamas and Lisa Smith-Butler (eds.) Law Librarianship in the Twenty-First Century. 2nd edition. Scarecrow Press, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-8108-9255-2

While designed primarily as a textbook for a law librarianship course, this book offers practical answers to such questions as: What is law librarianship? How do you become a law librarian? How does law librarianship interrelate with the legal world and the library world? This updated edition addresses both historical and contemporary issues facing law libraries and those who staff them!

Table of Contents

Introduction Roy M. Mersky (In Memoriam)

1 A Brief History of Law Librarianship
Robert C. Berring Jr.

2 Working at the Law Library: A Practical Guide
Karl T. Gruben

3 The Administration of the Academic Law Library: The Glue That Binds
Lisa Smith-Butler

4 Public Services
Anne Klinefelter & Sara Sampson

5 State Law Libraries in the Twenty-First Century: The Maryland Experience
Steve Anderson

6 The Curious Case of County Law Libraries
Robert Riger

7 Law Firm Libraries
Abigail E. Ross

8 Collection Development, Licensing, and Acquisitions
Frederick W. Dingledy, Benjamin J. Keele & Jennifer E. Sekula

9 Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Librarianship
Mary Rumsey
10 Technical Services
Sonia Luna-Lamas

11 The Evolution of Government Documents
Jennifer Bryan Morgan

12 Technology Trends in Law Libraries
Billie Jo Kaufman & Roy Balleste

13 The Law Library of Congress
Christine Sellers

14 The World of Library Consortia: Collaboration and
Resource Sharing in the Twenty-First Century
Tracy L. Thompson