Thursday, September 19, 2013

Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand

Gross, Valerie J. Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand: The Education Advantage. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-59884-770-3

Publisher's Description
Those in the library profession have the power to permanently dispel all misperceptions about libraries, and be fully valued for what they do. How? By simply adopting a new approach that applies carefully selected words to enhance their perceived value, and to position libraries as the provider of what the world values most: education.

Transforming Our Image, Building Our Brand: The Education Advantage examines how the "Three Pillars" approach harnesses the power of language to enhance respect, generate increased perceived value, and garner funding. The power stems from positioning all that library professionals do under three, easy-to-remember "pillars," and replacing typical library terms and phrases with bold, value-enhanced terminology that commands value—language that people outside of the field can immediately understand. This book is essential reading for public library staff members at all levels of the organization, especially those in leadership roles; and its root concepts are applicable for all other library types as well.

• Demonstrates how to heighten any library's visibility and stature
• Redefines libraries in a new, innovative way that conveys their true worth
• Aligns the library with what the community values most: education
• Teaches how to incorporate value-enhancing words into everyday lexicon
• Presents marketing strategies that can immediately be integrated into your work
• Provides guidance on introducing the “Three Pillars” philosophy and strategic vocabulary concepts to your staff, board, elected officials, and community
Sample Topics
Community Education
Public Relations
Strategic Planning