Thursday, September 19, 2013

Empowering Leadership

Martin, Ann M. Empowering Leadership: Developing Behaviors for Success. Chicago: American Association of School Librarians, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-8389-8657-8

Publisher's Description
This book takes the mystery out of leadership by illustrating the visible and invisible components of leadership. Essential questions, reflective strategies, and practical tips within each chapter will bring school librarians to their next level in leadership while they recognize the hidden leadership opportunities in daily tasks that are already central to the profession. Empowering Leadership offers lessons and examples to improve the leader within and encourage development of each librarian’s unique leadership style.

Table of Contents


Section 1. People: What Do You Say to That?
Chapter 1. Knowing Your Customers
Chapter 2. Assessing and Approaching Power Brokers 
Chapter 3. Building Strong Partnerships 
Chapter 4. Consensus through Managing Complexity 

Section 2. Dispositions: Batman Saves the Day 
Chapter 5. Confidence 
Chapter 6. Coaching 
Chapter 7. Humor 
Chapter 8. Authenticity 

Section 3. Communication: Reserved for Parties of Three or More 
Chapter 9. Preparedness 
Chapter 10. Clarity 
Chapter 11. Silence 
Chapter 12. Results 

Section 4. Responsibilities: Follow the Leader 
Chapter 13. Visioning 
Chapter 14. Empowering 
Chapter 15. Decision Making 
Chapter 16. Recognizing Contributions 

Section 5. Self-Assessment: True North 
Chapter 17. Reflection 
Chapter 18. Innovation 
Chapter 19. Evidence-Based Practices 
Chapter 20. Understanding the Future 

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Appendix A. Index 
Appendix B. Learning4Life 
Appendix C. L4L Publications