Wednesday, July 3, 2013

School Librarian's Career Planner

Weisburg, Hilda K. School Librarian's Career Planner. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1178-5

Publisher's Description
In theory if not in practice, traditional school library career planning went something like this: get a degree, find a job, work towards tenure, then remain in the same district until retirement. If that was ever actually the case, it certainly isn't any longer. School librarians know that making smart choices and planning strategically are the best ways to create a career that is both within their control and professionally fulfilling. This practical, hands-on book covers the multifaceted aspects of how school librarians can successfully carve out a unique niche within the educational community, showing readers how to
  • Present themselves to stakeholders, from the first interview through day-to-day job duties
  • Learn the workings of the school and district while  demonstrating expertise
  • Develop the management skills needed to assume various leadership positions, both official and unofficial
  • Stay current with developments in pedagogy and technology, and incorporate them into the fabric of the school
  • Prepare for possible changes due to staff cuts or a personal decision
For both long-time school librarians, as well as those who have recently entered the profession with a background in education, Weisburg’s guide will be an invaluable resource for navigating their career path.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Getting Your First Job in the Field
Chapter 2: Acing the Interview
Chapter 3 : Selecting the Right Job
Chapter 4 : Mastering the Learning Curve
Chapter 5 : Growing Your Career
Chapter 6 : Polishing Your Skills
Chapter 7 : Moving Outwards
Chapter 8 : Taking Charge
Chapter 9 : Moving On