Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Library Management 101: A Practical Guide

Velasquez, Diane L. ed.  Library Management 101: A Practical Guide.  Chicago: ALA, 2013.  025.1 Libra   ISBN 9780838911488

Knowing the principles of general management is both useful and necessary for LIS students, but it s no less important to learn management techniques specific to the world of libraries. Created to fill a surprising educational void, this edited volume focuses on best practices from library management experts teaching in LIS programs across the country. Among the many topics discussed are
·        Classic and modern theories of management, and how they apply to the library
·        Human resource planning
·        Marketing and public relations
·        Negotiations, mediation, and financial management of the library
·        Facilities management
In addition to providing students with a solid foundation in library management, experienced managers will also benefit from the structured, practical knowledge included in this impressive volume.