Friday, July 19, 2013

Enhancing Teaching and Learning, 3rd Ed.

Donham, John. Enhancing Teaching and Learning: A Leadership Guide for School Librarians. 3rd ed. Chicago: ALA Neal-Schuman, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-55570-887-0

Publisher's Description
This new edition of a classic shows how to take a proactive role in shaping instruction by learning how to develop and implement a library media program and integrate it into the total educational experience. Revised and updated, Donham’s third edition covers all aspects of the school system: students, curriculum and instruction, principals, district administration, and the community. It demonstrates how to interact and collaborate in order to integrate the school library media program throughout these environments. This new edition offers
  • Real-life examples of issues in school librarianship
  • Current statistics and research results on early learning, child poverty, and other topics
  • A new chapter on "the virtual school library"
  • Expanded coverage of nonfiction and complex texts
Readers will benefit from this complete coverage of the school environment--common staff structures, budget issues, and more.

Table of Contents