Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Essential Dewey

Bowman, J. H. Essential Dewey. New York: Neal Schumann, 2005. isbn 1-55570-544-8 025.32 Bowma

The Dewey Decimal Classification is used in more libraries that any other system. Now, John Bowman, author of the popular Essential Cataloguing, helps novice and out-of-practice classifiers learn how to use the DDC to organize resources. After a thorough introduction to the structure and content of the system, readers work through examples based on real titles, with fully worked out answers and clear explanations. Chapters cover how to classify simple subjects, number building, preference order, exceptions, special subjects, coping with difficult or hard-to-classify items, WebDewey, and more. Written in an engaging and direct style, this practical guide is a perfect companion to Essential Cataloguing. An ideal text that builds practical skills, this is must-have for cataloging classes and catalogers in any library using Dewey classification.