Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gamers... in the LIBRARY?! (book)

Neiburger, E. (2007). Gamers... In the library?! The why, what, and how of videogame tournaments. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

Description take from back of book:
As a leading expert on producing videogame tournaments and events, Neiburger explains why videogame programming holds huge potential for libraries. He offers the complete toolkit. Follow these practical and proven guidelines to get answers to all your questions —from convincing the skeptics to getting audience feedback through your blog.

Learn how to serve this underserved audience and:
*Gain familiarity with the basics of gaming culture, software, and hardware
*Understand how videogaming events fit into the library
*Learn what works and what doesn’t from the experiences of the nation’s leading expert
*Conduct a tournament in your library—how to plan, set up, and run any size event
*Market the events, build an audience, and get feedback