Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Something Musical Happened at the Library (book)

Reid, R. (2007). Something musical happened at the library: Adding song and dance to children's story programs. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

Description take from back of book:
Here’s a comprehensive guide to make music an integral and engaging part of children’s story hour! Comprehensive lesson plans. Annotated bibliography and resource lists make a wide range of materials accessible, including picture books featuring music, song lyrics, musicians, dance and dancers, along with directions to access to the recordings.

Use this abundant mix of picture books paired with kid-tested musical recordings to
*Get up to speed fast to make music an everyday part of your programs
*Build your own storytimes with innovative and fun pairings of books and recordings
*Enliven any storytime by incorporating simple song types—from call and response to ever-popular rounds
*Identify children’s picture books and stories rich with musical themes