Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Next Gen Librarianship: Where Do We Go from Here?

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2006-2007: Library 2.0 and Beyond

Next Gen Librarianship: Where Do We Go from Here?

Today's multi-generational library workforce faces a number of both internal and external challenges. To meet these challenges, we need to learn how to work together effectively, keep connected and current, and draw on individuals' unique strengths. In a graying profession, we also need to pay attention to succession planning, passing on institutional wisdom, and recruiting, retaining, and mentoring the next generation. This teleconference is 90 minutes in length.

Topics include:

  • What defines generations -- and why people tend to resist definition
  • How best to recruit, retain, manage, and mentor the next generation -- emphasizing creating a healthy environment for all library workers
  • What different generations can learn from each other, and how to take advantage of multiple strengths
  • Ways to be successful in 21st Century libraries

Understanding generational differences, and clearing up mis-perceptions, can help us overcome workplace challenges and plan for a successful future.

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