Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Library 2.0 and Beyond: The Best from the Web

From the Soaring to Excellence Series 2006-2007: “Library 2.0 and Beyond

Library 2.0 and Beyond: The Best from the Web
Moderator, Pam Klein ; panelists, Kelly Watson, Debra Kakuk, Ameet Doshi ; special appearance, Jennifer Kelley

As library workers functioning in an environment of increasing demands and outlets for information, many of you may feel there are times when a day at work can be a little overwhelming. The exponential growth of the internet has made navigating all of the resources the web provides an increasingly complex and time consuming task.

Have ever wished that things could be simpler? Do you wish there could be a collection of web sites in one place that would help you through even the most challenging of days? Reference Library Kelly Watson and a panel of experts show case a toolkit of valuable resources they have compiled and packaged neatly in an easy to use wiki. Representing the "Best from the Web", this toolkit will assist information professionals in performing their every day jobs -- from the front lines to behind the scenes.

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