Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Research Methods for Librarians and Educators

Cover image for Research Methods for Librarians and Educators
Small, Ruth V. and Marcia A. Mardis (eds.) Research Methods for Librarians and Educators: Practical Applications in Formal and Informal Learning Environments. Libraries Unlimited, 2018. ISBN: 978-1-4408-4962-6

The book details various research methodologies and presents authentic scenarios to immediately make the research problem and method relevant. It covers topics ranging from various research methods, including Causal, Collaborative, Design-Based Research, Longitudinal, and Mixed Methods, as well as interview methods, learning assessment, literature review, and observation and survey methods.

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1 Introduction to the Book
Part I Framing a Study
Scenario I Meeting the Needs of People with Disabilities - Crystal Long
Chapter 2 Conceptualizing a Study
Chapter 3 Creating a Meaningful Literature Review
Part II Research Methods
Scenario II Serving the Oral Tradition - Lynn Hoffman
Chapter 4 Interview and Focus Group Research
Chapter 5 Action Research
Chapter 6 Historical Methodology
Scenario III Teaching Research Skills - Angela Branyon
Chapter 7 Formative Learning Assessment
Chapter 8 Participant Observation
Chapter 9 Assessing Learning with Rubrics
Scenario IV Games as Learning Tools - Heidi Neltner
Chapter 10 Formative Research
Chapter 11 Correlational Research
Scenario V Impact of Collaboration and Scheduling on Learning - Bree L. Ruzzi
Chapter 12 Through the Lens of Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 13 Causal Research
Scenario VI Co-Teaching, Student Learning, and Faculty Collaboration - Mirah J. Dow
Chapter 14 Phenomenology
Chapter 15 The Case Study
Chapter 16 Critical Incident Technique
Scenario VII Engaging the At-Risk Student - Sarah A. Chauncey and H. Patricia McKenna
Chapter 17 Design-Based Research
Chapter 18 Longitudinal Research
Scenario VIII Envisioning a Library of the Future - Charles O'Bryan and Molly Brown
Chapter 19 Survey Research
Chapter 20 The Delphi Method
Chapter 21 Mixed Methods Research Design
Chapter 22 Conclusion: Shared Research Strategies and Tools for Educators and Librarians
Appendix A Practice Scenarios