Thursday, July 20, 2017

Getting Started in Service Design: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians


Marquez, Joe J. and Annie Downey. Getting Started in Service Design: A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians. Neal-Schuman, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1564-6

Service design is a holistic, collaborative methodology that puts the user at the center of the service delivery model. Because this approach prioritizes users and their overall experience, it’s a valuable framework that librarians and administrators can use as a group to assess, revise, and create library services, spaces, and workflows. In this book, the authors use an action-oriented assortment of exercises, templates, and tools to make service design more accessible to all types of libraries. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    About Service Design

Service Design Defined
Why Service Design?
The Phases of Service Design
  • Pre-Work
  • Observation
  • Understanding/Thinking
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance/Post-Assessment
The Service Design Mindset
  • Co-Creating
  • Making the Intangible Tangible
  • Confirming with Evidence
  • Focusing on User Needs and Expectations
  • Thinking Holistically
  • Having Empathy
  • Being Open-Minded and Not a Devil’s Advocate
  • Being Willing to Evolve
Reasons for a Service Design Inquiry

Chapter 2    Getting Started with Evaluating Services

Library Service Design Heuristics
Sample Heuristic Evaluation
  • Service: Checking out a Book
Further Reading

Chapter 3    Project Planning

Identifying Real Problems
Creating Teams
  • Internal Teams
  • External Teams
Identifying Stakeholders
Devising Team Rules
  • Questions to Consider when Making Ground Rules
Project Definitions
  • Project Purpose
  • Project Objectives
  • Project Scope
Project Documentation

Chapter 4    Service Design Tools

Service Inventory
Ecology Map
Stakeholder Map
Space Analysis
Service Safari
Interviews and Contextual Inquiry
  • Interview Protocol Checklist
Discussion Groups
Work Like a User
Scenarios and Expectation Maps
Customer Journey Map
Mobile Ethnography
  • Nondynamic Service Prototypes
  • Dynamic Service Prototypes
Focus Groups
  • Focus Group Checklist
  • Recruiting Checklist
Graffiti Wall
Example: Use of Tools in Service Design Projects
  • Public Library
  • Academic Library
  • Space Analysis
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Mobile Ethnography
  • Service Blueprint
Chapter 5    Analysis and Synthesis

Preparing Data for Coding
Conclusion: The Write-Up

Further Reading
  • Appendixes
  • Bibliography
  • Index